About Us


Black York Region Youth (BYR Youth) was founded in 2020 by four youth named Sydney Baxter, Cameron Davis, Rachel Cheng, and Hannah Mullings-Tatum, plus District 16-OSSTF teacher Vanessa Stoby. This organization was founded with the purpose of combatting anti-Black racism, systemic racism, anti-Indigenous hate, and discrimination in all of its forms within York Region and its surrounding communities. Thanks to this group's incredible team of youth and adult mentors, they have been able to accomplish milestones. From over half a thousand followers on Instagram to speaking on CBC Radio, BYR Youth does it all.

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What do we do?

BYR Youth strives to create positive change within communities across York Region through advocacy, education and our commitment as youth to combat anti-Black racism in all of its forms.

  1. Advocate for Black youth and families in York Region.
  2. Educate York Region communities on addressing anti-Black racism.
  3. Commit to actions that dismantle the systems perpetuating anti-Black racism.
  4. Hold people accountable for their strategies to combat anti-Black racism. These people include: educators, administrators, school board trustees, system leaders, politicians, community leaders, and allies.
  5. Uplift Black youth voices, as well as the voices of other marginalized groups, across underserved sectors, such as schools, jobs and media.

Markham Black Lives Matter protest organized by Sydney Baxter. June 13, 2020.

Our Purpose

Monthly or bi-monthly meetings throughout the year with at least one youth chairing the meeting. Meetings will focus-

  1. on planning the group's initiatives, discussing ongoing issues in York Region communities and sharing updates on activism.

  2. Ongoing discussions about anti-Black racism with community members and groups in York Region.

  3. Sharing of resources with different stakeholders in York Region (i.e. youth, educators, community groups etc.);

  4. Networking with public and non-profit organizations to build support and gather resources (i.e. funding, leverage, etc.).

  5. Mobilizing Black and non-Black youth and community groups to join the group's actions.

Become A Member!!

At this time, any youth who have expressed interest in helping are welcome to join the group. The group will consider new members through:

Member Criteria